Oliver Ellerkamp is a division of the W.G. Ellerkamp Company.  Bill Ellerkamp founded W.G. Ellerkamp in the early 1990’s.  His son Jack Ellerkamp joined the company in 1993.  Bill has been retired for several years and Jack is now the president of the company.

W.G. Ellerkamp is a retail packaging distributor that sells custom printed bags, boxes, gift wrap, tissue paper, bows & ribbon and custom printed labels to retailers throughout the country.  In the early years our market was primarily New England.  Now however, we have customers in all 50 states.  Over the years we have developed niches with independent bookstores, independent jewelers and retailers who enthusiastically support the “buy local” movement.  Learn more about us here: www.wgellerkamp.com.

So, how did we become the North American stocking distributor for a gift wrap manufacturer from Switzerland?  Jack had long been a fan of Stewo (the name of the company in Switzerland) and, in 2012, reached out to them in an effort to import a few gift wrap designs that we hoped would be appealing to bookstores.  The gift wrap designs were a success!  Further, we liked working with Stewo and we liked many of their gift wrap designs.

After that, in 2014 we made the decision to start a new company – Oliver Ellerkamp, Swiss Made Gift Wrap – and began importing this paper in quantity and stocking it in our Peterborough, N.H. warehouse.

Subsequently, in April of 2015 we launched our new company.  We sell to our own customers and we have hand selected a small number of other retail packaging distributors around the country to sell this line.  The results have pleased us thus far and we intend to grow this business.

We are currently stocking over 60 designs, check out our selections for some great quality counter rolls of gift wrapping paper.